::The Cure for the Sticky Stucks::


In my newly reignited passion for blogging, I've decided there are a couple kinda sorta important things I need to do to avoid the Sticky Stucks.



You've heard of them, no?

You know, that delightful Land where convos in your head sound something like "you don't have anything to add to the blogging conversation" and "learning technology suuuucks."


Or you have so many great ideas that nailing JUST ONE to the white space of the screen is darn near impossible.

Yeah, the Sticky Stucks.

So first order of biz when in the land of the Sticky-Stucks is bagging up the ick-thoughts and setting them aside.


Then just focus on the pretty parts.

And there are always pretty parts.




Distraction is the name of the game.


Grandbaby time.

Naps. {personal fave}



Then suddenly, an idea leaps to the front of the grey matter.

A post begins to materialize.

Pictures coagulate around a theme.

And I remember...."I love this.  I'm good at this. I have an unique voice."


So long Land of the Sticky Stucks. This girl found her way back home.


My beautiful blue slipcover was stitched up by a local seamstress in 'Lakeland' from FabricGuru.com. Because sewing piping does NOT take me to my Happy Place.