::When You Must Have Aqua::

I'm no brain surgeon, but I'm kinda assuming that the bright orange color associated with fall comes primarily from the plentiful harvest of the pumpkin patch.  



And yet, there are a plethora of other fall colors {and shades of orange for that matter} that actually sing to my heart on a less pitchy note.




...and verily, verily I say unto you, they can really make orange look fabulous.




Like when the nerdy girl suddenly becomes popular after she's been seen with the 'in' crowd {'cause one of the trend-setters watched Mean Girls and had a change of heart.}




The trend-setters in my natural autumnal world are warm golden yellows, soft peaches, sage greens, deep browns, and gentle aqua.




OK, so there's no natural autumnal aqua unless you count the supreme gorgeousness of some varieties of hydrangea.

Which I don't grow.




You can sometimes find creamy white and even a delish greeny-gray toned pumpkin at the patch.




But true aqua pumpkins exist in the land of unicorns and for now, must be either purchased in the faker, plastic variety or painted.

I unapologetically chose the former route.




And I couldn't be more pleased with a plastic pumpkin if a unicorn walked thru my front door.

Have you used unconventional colors in your fall decor?