::My Holiday Front Porch::


It's the most wonderful time of the year! Except for spring, my birthday, Disney Cruise time, and fall.

But this time is pretty good.

I decorated my porch when it was still warmish outside and here's how it shaped up.

Because I appreciate you, I've added some tips and tricks that every porch-savvy decorator should keep in their arsenal.



  1. Adding an ornament and a bow to a purchased wreath rAAAWWWks my world. It also distracts from the filth on your front door...until you mention it on your blog.



2. When faced with a skimpy Walmart Charlie Brown tree, find a matching garland, wrap in a string of lights, then wind it around the tree to plump it up. And add fake birds. Because in real life, fat partridges prefer fake Walmart trees RIGHT NEXT TO THE FRONT DOOR over a pear tree any day.



3. The fancy name for plastic ornaments is "shatter-proof". I highly recommend plastic shatter proof ornaments when you decorate your front porch. No one likes stepping on shards of glass when coming over for a Christmas cookie exchange. No one. I've asked.



4. Use old Mexican restaurant furniture.  I hug myself every time I see that bench...found in a thrift store in a back room painted bright orange and royal blue. I know. I gave it a 'left-over master bedroom paint' makeover.



5. When in doubt, wrap your pillows with ribbon so they look like squishy presents for your butt.



6. Stuff fakers in your old ice skates that you just KNEW you needed to save all those years ago. You also have my permission to forget to replace the nasty laces with a satin ribbon. Forgetting details is perfectly acceptable.



7. Make sure to decorate your Christmas porch immediately after Trick 'r Treating. Because Baby, It's Cold Outside.





Have any porch decorating tips to share?

PS...You can see my whole Holiday Home Tour HERE.