::A Colorful Christmas Dining Room::

I already flaunted my aqua and red kitchen in front of God and everyone.  


It's time to let my dining room in on the action.

She gets kinda whiney when my aqua cabinets get all the glory.



Again, I'm working the red and aqua with some pretty gutsy green thrown in there.



Because I have six kiddos and 4 grandlittles, I did myself a favor and got some new stockings in miniature size from JoAnn's and revived my linen and ticking stripe creations from several years ago.

Because Mrs. Claus needs her beauty sleep.



A candy bar is always a good idea, amiright?



IKEA had it goin' on with some fake plastic boxwood garland this year.



The 'Joy' print came from my friend Lara's Etsy Peonies and Twine.

The colorful Rooster canvas is from my friend Elisabeth's Etsy's White Cottage Art.

The 'Always Eat Happy' sign is from my friend Sarah's Etsy Fourth and Maple.



Did ya know you can just tear strips of muslin to make rustic bows? Yep.

Ain't nobody got time for sissors.



In lieu of true {magnificent} vintage ornaments, I poured some modern day glass ornaments in my old wood tool crate.



Uh oh. My entry is asking for some blog love. Do you mind?



She isn't as much an attention hog as my kitchen or my dining room, but she can get on my nerves.



I will say she loves her wee metal 'hope' sign I got from Aimee's Etsy Wordsmith Studio.



Evergreens in boots are very pretty, but not practical. Just a tip.



Now that the whining has stopped, Imma gonna make some hot cocoa and enjoy the silence. Do you give in to your whining rooms?

PS...You can see my whole Holiday Home Tour HERE.