::Signs for All Seasons::

  There are just so many talented Makers out there.

SO many.

One of these amazeballs Makers is a friend who I met when I was painting furniture. She was a fellow flipper, and she's now doing signs!  Take a look at THIS:



Aimee owns a shop on Etsy called The Wordsmith Studio (Instagram: @wordsmith.studio ), and I ADORE her metal signs as well as her painted wood signs! ADORE!

I've been wanting a statement piece in this area above my aqua blue sideboard, and her GATHER metal script is perfection here...



She makes these in different sizes and with all different words...here's my 'HOPE' signage she made for my entry:



I have another one too, and I can't wait to show it to you after I get it styled up!

Until then, just drool over my GATHER goodness! Isn't it perfect for a dining room?!



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