::A Good Foundation::

My guest room makeover has been a LONG time coming.  For the last 3 years it's mostly been used as a collection area for ALL THE THINGS. When I decided to really give the space a good makeover, a real identity, we realized we were going to have to start from the bottom up. Literally.

Our old queen metal bedframe was in sad shape.  As in squeaky, old, and propped precariously on risers. Not a good sitch for the grandkids and visitors.



I decided to research alternatives to our frame and discovered the Zinus Smart Base!



It seemed almost too good to be true....a sturdy replacement for both the old squeaky frame AND the boxsprings!  Space to store ALL THE THINGS. {Er, at least the things I hadn't already dumped, donated or did over.}

It arrived extremely fast, and we got to work setting it up.

Hubs was prepared for wrestling with screws and tools and the usual rigamaroll.


In reality, he was shocked at the simplicity and ease.

It came in two pieces, that simply unfold:




Support bars fold out and screw easily into place with included wingnuts.



Place them side by side and screw together.  Everything matched up and fit together nicely.

It literally took less than 15 minutes, including cutting them out of plastic and the zipties.



Would you just look at the space under there!



We received the 14" Base which gives 13" of storage.  Behold:



That happens to be my ginormous suitcase sliding right under the bed.  I know. Imagine the possiblities here...



We have considered renting out this room on Airbnb, so having space under the bed for luggage would be awesome!


We also received the Sleep Master Headboard Brackets to attach my thrifted headboard to the base.

Very easy to attach, and again, very sturdy!



My daughter and grandkids have slept on the guest room bed, and I gave it a go the other night when hubs was enjoying a snoring fest.

The base made not a squeak or wiggle.  There are 12 points of support, so it doesn't move AT ALL.



We love this base SO hard, Guys.  So much so that we ordered the Zinus Premium Smart Base  (18" in King size) for our master bedroom!

If you're in the market for a new sturdy bed frame, AND you delight to gain a ton of storage space for ALL THE THINGS, I can highly recommend the Zinus Smart Bases!

A full reveal of our guest room will happen next week! Can't wait to show you!


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Zinus. A Queen 14" Smart Base and 4 Sleep Master Headboard brackets were provided. All opinions are always my own.  Affiliate links are provided, and while there is no difference in cost to you, I receive a small commission when you purchase via the links which help me provide quality content for you here on the blog and on Instagram. Read my full disclosure HERE.