::Handmade Wood Clock::

Do you ever find that you've been doing something decorwise so long that you don't really know you've been doing it? And it's actually a smart kinda something?  


In froufing my home, as I approach yet *another* room up-do, I find I MUST have warm wood pieces.  They ground my cottage aethestic so my rooms don't float away, and end up looking like a sorbet of pastels. No one really wants to live in an ice cream parlour, right?



I've been adding antique and vintage wood pieces to my rooms forever without really giving it much thought...even when I was totally into white painted furniture.  I had a few pieces I inherited from my mama and gramma that I didn't have the heart to paint (thank goodness!), and I found I was always drawn to those pieces...like my eye would wander around the room looking for something sturdy to land on.



Nowdays, especially with my new white sofas {IKEA FARLOV} and pale blue-green walls {Sherwin Williams Sea Salt}, I love how the warm wood tones play my spaces.



Case in point: When I chose this large handmade clock from Aimee at Aimee Weaver Designs I knew I wanted the dark stain to pop off the tall pale apex between our living and dining rooms. I banked on knowing it would provide that warm contrast I crave.



I'd previously tried several decor items up thar yonder....and nothing was working.  I knew something round and dark was the solution, and Aimee's clock was perfect fit!



Aimee is an artist at heart, also making incredible personalized and customized signs on old barnwood, painted canvases, jewelry and pillows that all have that beautiful handmade touch.



I hope you'll pop over to browse Aimee's shop! You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest as well. Her artwork is beautiful, meaningful, and in my case practical!  Thank you Aimee for sharing your talents as a maker...I love having one of your pieces in my home!



Have you found you need some darker decor to balance a softer color palette?  What items from Aimee's shop speak to your heart?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


NOTE: This is a sponsored post. I was given product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are always my own! Read my full disclosure HERE.