::Den Updo for the Grandlittles Part 1::

NOTE: This post is sponsored by Home Reserve Furniture. See disclaimer info at the bottom of this post. Over here at the Harvey Cottage, rooms get do-overs. A lot.

This here post is Part 1 of our newest den do-over.



With extremely cute grandlittles.



The front room just off the entry has been everything from a bland white-walled cra{p}ft room, to a pale pink-walled Mary Kay party room, to a poop brown-walled room where all miscellaneous decor was dumped {never to be heard from again}, to its last incarnation as a a soft beige-walled sewing room for me.



As we've lived our lives here, and grandlittles started growing from toddlers to kids, and more have joined the fam, I began to feel we needed a fun place for them to play...



and read...



and watch movies...



and color Disney pictures to adorn my fridge.



And also a place to harbor the mess out of the main areas of the house.

Because let's be real, stepping on legos is never an amazing experience.



So as I considered creating a happy place for my grands to enjoy, I decided immediately the space needed efficient, comfortable furniture.

At 11 feet X 11 feet, every inch would count.



Enter Home Reserve furniture.

Not only was I able to design the size, configuration, and style of my pieces....I had over 100 fabrics to choose from! Many are machine washable, and all are pet and kid-friendly....




And also cool? Each cushion has storage underneath.

All the high fives for hoarding grammas!



We store Robyn's scrapbooking things under this cushion...



And the configuration, style and fabric can be easily changed when needs change...or gramma gets a whim for something different :) Adaptabliity and renewablity at it's finest!



I know you'll ask, so YES, they are super duper squishy!

And because these are modular, each piece can be renewed at cost...dog shenanigans leave you with a hollow cushion?  No problem, simply replace that cushion, not the whole couch.

That means no worries for the gramma with Bogart the Big Black Dog and her new cream couch.

All pieces of the frame are renewable for free with the 10 year warranty.

I mean, what's to lose here? NOTHING.



They ship via UPS, and you build them at home.

Took my hubs and 2 helpers about an hour to get the couch and 2 ottomans ready for use.



Here's a time lapse video of the process...my filmmaking skills will confound you.



These pieces have been the perfect foundation for our Grandlittle Den-O-Rama up do!


I hope you'll check out Home Reserve.

TONS of informative videos of alllll the incredible features are found HERE.

They even have a 30 day Trial offer that allows you to experience for yourself their amazing their furniture {and company!} Sure wish they'd been around when my Bigs were Littles!



MY Home Reserve CHOICES: Laney Couch in Kayla Ecru, 2 Cozy Ottomans in Maltese Avocado, 2 Rectangle Pillows in Maltese Avocado, 2 16" Pillows in Oscar Kiwi.

Stay tuned for Part 2! I'll be sharing the rest of the room, sources, details and a tutorial on making the floral pillow covers on the ottomans!


Note: This post was sponsored by Home Reserve Furniture. I was given product in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine. Read my full disclosure HERE.