::A Cottage Great Room Fall Tour Featuring Bemz Linen Slipcovers::

This post is sponsored by Bemz.com. All opinions are my own. See full disclaimer at the bottom of this post. You know you nailed it when a decor change moves ya to tears.


I'd been missing my aqua couch in my great room after purchasing the new Farlov sofa and loveseat with white slipcovers.



As much as I love white couches in others homes, I really loved the statement my aqua sofa made in this space. 



I decided to order slipcovers from Bemz.com after learning they make custom slipcovers for IKEA furniture!



They sent me many samples of their linen, linen blends and cotton fabrics.  ALL were delicious!



I really thought I'd go with a blue again, but truly fell in love with their pure linen called Brera Lino Thyme!



I knew it would blend beautifully with all my floral fabrics as well as the changing colors of the seasons...



The fit is PERFECT as is the workmanship!



They were very easy to get on the furniture. No wrestling and tugging.



My daughter helped with the sofa, but I put the cover on the loveseat all by myself. Very easy!



I also got 4 pillow covers in their Brera Lino Duck Egg pure linen.



It coordinates beautifully with both my Sherwin Williams Sea Salt walls as well as the Thyme linen....



I'm really digging how the Thyme green makes the fall shades sing!



And I'm thrilled to have such gorgeous color back in my great room!



I feel like my IKEA furniture has been elevated to rock stardom!

If you are looking to elevate YOUR Ikea furniture, do check out Bemz.com!

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