I'm Cindy, prolly located on my living room couch, in NE Indiana. Let's talk about me, shall we?



I love being a wife and mama to 6 kids, 4 kids-in-law, 4 grandlittles and 1 furkid.

I'm a Happy Creative with several passions....



I adore whimsical cottage/vintage farmhouse design and crafting, and I'm tickled to be once again a practicing wordsmith and budding photographer via my newly branded blog. {You may remember me from my previous ::cottage instincts:: blog}

I also craft soap from scratch, and sell to anyone with money.

Lastly, I'm a singer-songwriter and share original music at my local Unity congregation where I currently serve as Music Director and Comic Relief. {YouTube channel coming soon}


Oh, and I should prolly mention... I have an Disney obsession.

I love their lyrics about magic and dreams and wishing on stars and happily ever after.


Here on the blog, I can promise all manner of decorating shenanigans, attempts at witty turns of phrase, and hopefully a pretty picture or twelve.

I also hope to inspire you to to follow your guts when it comes to decorating your home.

'Cause not one of us wants to live in a catalogue.