::What the Flock::


After many years of wrestling a tangled web of teeny lights onto a real tree, I got all trendy and bought a 7.5ft flocked tree from Mendards.  


You may know I have this love/hate relationship with trends.

Well, I had a love connection with flocked trees this year.



Please realize it's purely a rebound relationship after the years of tenacious arguments with falling needles, dried out branches, sticky sap, and the aforementioned light-fights.



I'm ok with this.

I'm so ok with it, I bought a can faker snow and flocked my 5th and 6th children.

They look very festive. And unamused.



I also flocked a cheap Walmart wreath over my couch.




And an old faker tree from my mama.

The plastic birds with clips on their bums were pleased.

White is their jam.



I kinda like the idea that a frozen tree full of cardinals and nests is in the middle of my family room. I mean, it could happen.



I decided to plop my wooden barn star on top with a crown of frozen berry stems for good measure.



And folks, my family room never looks so dang good.




Are you a fan of the flock? Or a fan of the fresh?

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